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GainPeace Project

An Outreach Project of Islamic Circle of North America

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed is the Executive Director of the GainPeace Project, an outreach project of Islamic Circle of North America. As a Director of GainPeace, Dr. Sabeel's aim is to bring out the commonalities and build bridges between people of various faith, races, and nationalities and share the beautiful faith of Islam with our fellow Americans. Some of the projects of GainPeace include advertising the message of spirituality via Bus, Billboards, Trains, TV, Radio and Newspapers.

Sabeel Ahmed's Best Seller List

The simple and easy way Sarah and yusuf, the two main characters in this story, opened up a conversation and explained Islam to a dad and his son at them park, will inspire both young and old in the simple art of sharing the peaceful faith of Islam with others.